Company is one specialized is engaged in the advanced electronic materials, high purity metal organic compounds (MO) research and development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises, through setting up subsidiary quanjiao ntu photoelectric material co., LTD, entered the special gases (such as arsenic hydride, phosphorus alkanes, etc.), including arsenic hydride, phosphorus alkanes are already successful production and supply many customers.


In December 2000, the company was established.

In August 2012, the company listed on the Gem.

On January 11, 2018, the Company signed an Investment Agreement with ningbo Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee in Beilun District, Ningbo City.


The main business of the company is as follows:

MO source product business

The company is a major global producer of MO sources. At present, the products are mainly used in the downstream preparation of LED epitaxial wafers. Our products are exported to Europe, America and Asia Pacific. The company has developed well in the synthesis and preparation of MO source, purification technology, analysis and detection, packaging container and other aspects. The main products are trimethyl gallium, trimethyl indium, triethyl gallium, trimethyl aluminum, etc. The purity of the products is greater than or equal to 6N, which can realize the complete series of supporting supply of MO source products and has obvious competitive advantages.

High purity specialty electronic gas products business

Quanchuan Nanda Optoelectronics, the holding subsidiary of the company, has completed the r&d and production line construction of high-purity phosphorous and arsenic products. Relying on the sales channels and technical support of the parent company, Quanchuan Nanda Optoelectronics has carried out marketing promotion of high-purity phosphane and arsenic products in the LED industry and achieved good sales revenue. At the same time, in the semiconductor industry, product certification has made progress and sales revenue has increased significantly.

Photoresist and supporting materials business

The company has entered into the field of integrated circuit material photoresist rapidly by holding shares in Beijing Kehua Microelectronic Materials Co., LTD. The launch project of 193nm photoresist and supporting materials was officially approved as "02 Special Project" by the Ministry of Science and Technology. The company has set up a full-time r & D team, built a r & D center of 1500 square meters, and built a pilot production line for upgrading photoresist.

ALD organic precursor products business

The development and industrialization of ALD metal organic precursor products and safe ion implantation product development projects are progressing smoothly. The company has completed the project production line construction and trial production, and the precursor can currently provide TDMAT and other qualified products.

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